GivingArt Artist Ambassador Program

About the Position

As a GivingArt Artist Ambassador, earn by creating art that wins community votes and through commissions on print sales. This role combines artistic skill and entrepreneurial spirit, enhancing your resume while you promote our brand and share our message.

Why GivingArt?

This position offers high school and college students a rare opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn money while making a positive impact on their community. It also gives students a look at what it's like to work at a startup company. Ambassadors of GivingArt can work on their own schedule, from the comfort of their own home, while promoting products that align with their personal values.


What are the prerequisites to become a GivingArt Artist Ambassador?

There are no specific prerequisites required to become an Artist Ambassador, but you must have an affiliation with the town for which you intend to create art.

How do I apply to become an Artist Ambassador?

Joining is simple. Just sign up to join our online community using the provided links. Once registered, you'll be contacted by the community moderator who will guide you through the next steps.

How are Artist Ambassadors compensated?

Artist Ambassadors are paid $300 for each design selected by community votes, with two designs chosen per town. Additionally, ambassadors earn $10 for every poster sale made through their personalized links.

What are the expectations for Artist Ambassadors?

All Artist Ambassadors must participate in a mandatory informational call before the program launch, the date of which will be announced on our community platform. We encourage ambassadors to remain active, engage with the community, and participate in regular online video calls with other ambassadors.

What is the duration and commitment level of the Artist Ambassador program?

The program spans five weeks, comprising one week for recruitment, two weeks for the design process, and two weeks for the ambassador selling phase. Ambassadors can choose how much time they dedicate to the program, making it a flexible commitment.