What is the GivingArt Artist Ambassador Program?

The GivingArt Artist Ambassador Program empowers students to engage with their community through art and entrepreneurship. Participants create and promote art that celebrates local landmarks and culture, gaining skills in marketing, sales, and community service.

How can I recommend students for the program?

Educators can recommend students by directing them to the application page on our website. You can also contact us directly to discuss potential candidates or to request more information about the program.

What are the benefits for students participating in the program?

Students will gain practical experience in art creation and business, develop leadership skills, and earn commissions on art sales. They will also receive recognition for their contributions and have the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and professionals.

How does the program align with educational goals?

The GivingArt Artist Ambassador Program complements educational goals by fostering critical thinking, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills. It also encourages civic engagement and social responsibility, aligning with broader educational objectives of developing well-rounded individuals.